OneAdaptr – universal charging adapter

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OneAdaptr is pleased to launch TWIST, the world’s first ultra-portable universal adapter that converts any MacBook World Charging Station on Kickstarter. The innovative TWIST piggybacks onto MacBook power adapter like the original Apple power plug and is compatible for Europe, Australia, China, and North America. With an all-in-one piece design that eliminates carrying multiple adapters and chargers, TWSIT Plus saving more precious space needed when traveling abroad. TWIST Plus is compatible with all Apple MacBook Power Adapters.

“The plugs on the World Charging Station really are as easy to adjust as the video suggests; just a TWIST or two will have you ready to plug in to most of the world’s power outlets. And I can’t tell you how useful having four USB plugs is for charging,” says Charles Custer of Tech in Asia. “I’ve been using them to power my gadgets for the past couple of days, and I’m pretty impressed.”

The TWIST Plus Adapter brings convenience of universal compatibility through an extraordinary compact design perfect for Mac and Apple users everywhere. TWIST Plus World Charging Station sports four 20W 4Amp USB port charging capabilities while the World Adapter comes with an universal outlet and a USB port. When snapped into place, TWIST Plus Macbook World Adapter not only allows for worldwide charging of MacBook, but also saves up more than 40% of space – simply TWIST to select.

The TWIST Plus Adapter is a great way to always stay powered while reducing clutter and weight of the luggage.

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